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Receive payment immediately. Hiveterminal offers businesses quick, easy, and free access to fresh capital. Upload and sell your invoice right now to receive early payment for the work you have already completed.

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Receive Early Payment for Issued Invoices!

Collect Money Immediately, Without Waiting for Invoice Due Dates

Don't wait 30, 60, or even 90 days for your invoices to get paid if you can get money into your account immediately. Get liquidity today.

Free to Use

The Hiveterminal online platform is completely free for all invoice sellers. There are no obligations or hidden costs.

Fast, easy, and 100% online

All sales take place online, without in-person contact or branch visits.

Get Up to 98% of Your Invoice Amount Immediately!

Receive up to 98% of your invoice amount immediately.

Hiveterminal Is the Fastest Way for Businesses to Make Money

Factoring, or sales of receivables, allows you to receive fresh money without borrowing. In practice, this means that you receive money that you would normally have to wait 30, 60, and even 90 days for as soon as the invoice is sold on the platform!

  • Credit insurance
  • Urgent visits to the branch
  • Company debt
  • Lengthy process
  • High hidden costs
  • No insurance
  • Processed over the internet
  • Financing without borrowing
  • Process completed in a minute
  • No hidden costs

How does Hiveterminal work?

1. Upload Invoice to Hiveterminal

Fill in a form with invoice data - like issue date, due date, and invoice amount - select the debtor, and upload the invoice in PDF format to the Hiveterminal platform.

2. Debtor Confirms Invoice Validity

The platform administrators contact the invoice debtor to confirm the invoice as valid and agree to the sale. If no confirmation is given, you can still sell your invoice after 48 hours through the Flash Sale mechanism without the debtor’s consent.

3. Invoice Sold

Once the invoice is confirmed, it is sent to the Hiveterminal market where it is available to the global investor pool. Once an individual or company purchases your invoice, they also assume the risk of payment delay or non-payment, so you no longer have to worry about the invoice!

4. Get the Money Immediately

Immediately after selling the invoice, your user account is credited with the funds. From there, it only takes a few clicks for you to transfer it to your bank account and spend it to purchase supplies or grow your business.

I Want Money Now!

Every new order means high material costs for us. The sale of receivables at Hiveterminal allows us to receive money immediately after a transaction, so we can cover the costs of purchasing material from each subsequent customer in advance.

- Saje d.o.o.

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